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Tip of the hat as you walk down the street

Its only one nil to the cheeky chappy tory

I'm smiling, he's smiling through gritted teeth,

it’s the 4 year plan to recovery


I can stand the Rain untill the sun comes out


Baptised in the sound of people saying “We’re not gonna stand for this”

It was anarchy

But you just laughed at the crowd

Glass in the face of a student trying to say….

There were tears all around


I I I I I can stand the rain until the sun comes out


Can Stand The Rain

Well there’s a stench coming from under the stairs

And it’s cold

The boilers kicked it, broken beyond repair

And there’s holes

In every stitch of this ramshackle decay

My two-up two-down is washed away


And through the walls come the terrible cries

And it shows

Each time he beats them too much innocence dies

They don’t know

Why all he shows them are kicks, knuckles and fists

Tearful eyes dream they’re washed away


In this Modern SUB-Urban life who would

Be somewhere else

Sun always shines on our neighbourhood who would

Be somewhere else


A hundred statements documenting my debts

All to pay

Credit solutions sending wolves to collect


Still breaking into sweats at blocked number calls

Too poor to think of running away


Then last month she missed one though she’s on the pill

Thought that we

Had played it safe but every morning she’s ill

All I see

Is a future built upon cots, nappies and bibs

She’s 22, washed away



In this a modern life

We all up in the strife

In this a modern life

Ain’t nobody nice

Modern SUB-Urban Life

These people around here are fed up, all smoked out

Shops are all boarded, left empty and closed down

Our radio brings news says we’ll never recover

Followed by a jingle that’s promoting deals at Tesco’s


Life in colours pretty, isn’t it a pity, where having a grey day

But Facebook status says – “whoop whoop”

Lighting fires, the burning city

Calling London, Calling end of apathy

Rebels stand and fight, People stand up, Unite

Because it won’t be alright….


Our mother she says that – “you boys are all trouble”

We can’t drink Ki-Ora because we get hyperactive

Out father he said that – “Times used to be better”

But like a pack around the town we were too young

And all too clever


From the seeds to the roots, from the roots to the fruits.

Life In colour

Now he's been clock watching the day away,

Says a prayer for 6 o’clock, when all the misery ends.

His boss he gives him enough grief to take,

Got a supervisor role, but staff send him round the bend.

Now he's sinking, sinking, down the pub again,

He's propping up the bar, dribbling Stella down his chin,

And he's steaming, steaming, can't contain himself,

He spits from drowning guts, digging up dead and buried dirt.


Friday night

When every wrong is right

Friday night

There’s flashing blue lights

Friday night

Go out to get in fights and drink more


His wife she doesn’t even notice him,

Got a young bit on the side, they’re down the dogging lot.

And daughter say's that Dad’s a sad failure,

She's so popular at school, she's everything he's not.

But when he's drinking, drinking, everything is clear,

The realm of clarity, he can be who he wants to be,

Like he's dreaming, dreaming, far from office blocks,

The glass is always full, just the same as me and you.


Because it’s Friday night

When every wrong is right

Friday night

There’s flashing blue lights

Friday Night

Go out to get in fights and drink more.

Because it’s Friday night

Somebody gets uptight

Friday Night

Somebody ends a life

Friday Night

But it’ll be alright just drink more.


One – Two – Three – Four

He's feeling alright but he could handle a couple more

Five – Six – Seven – Eight

Friday Night

Dont Look Behind You

Face in the mirror, tell me what do you see,

A shadow, the fading lights of possibility,

We spent all of our hours making plans.


Now day after day it gets harder to think straight,

Pounding with fear you run, but you're a year too late,

Life is leaking through your hands.


Don't look behind you it's right beside you,

All of the things you should’ve done.

Don't look behind you it's right beside you,

You missed it back when you were young.


Now there's no more tomorrows, today don't come easy,

They treat you different like an ill distant memory,

And now the tide is coming in.


Never gonna be pleased no one said this was gonna be easy

Stop waiting in line with a life that's always on repeat

Don't let the idiots keep on winning and watching the TV and reminiscing wishing you could go back

to the beginning, stop take a look and listen there's no time for it to be different

You see the way to get ahead is getting started and even if you fall on your face you’re moving



Oh  my radio, my radio

Well who are we to argue

Oh  my radio, my radio

We’re still in love with you

Oh  my radio, my radio

Well who are we to argue

Oh  my radio, my radio


With the precision of a butcher

A voice fit for a choir

I’m your loveable, well respected,

Upstanding representative for this town

And your dreams are my dreams

And your problems are my problems

And I would never tell a lie so

Everyone in line


Dream broken by the awful sound

Of the static on the stereo

Man say’s “He’s too fat, he’s too old

Got wrong skin too”

And I have never ever said,  any word a lie

anything just like this Is fine,

Just to keep you in line


Oh  my radio, my radio

Well who are we to argue

Oh  my radio, my radio

We’re still in love with you

Oh  my radio, my radio

Well who are we to argue

Oh  my radio, my radio