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Blogs, News & Tour Stories

By The Talks, Feb 19 2014 09:49PM

Jody Blogs

What the F&*Ks going on??

First of all our new single "Don't Look Behind you" comes out on 28/04/14 and is the first single for our new album (Yet to be named) but is currently geting the final touches before we send it for pressing.

its gonna have some wicked guests on it wh-itch we are keeping quiet about for now. but all good things come to those who.......speak to us at gigs

What about this Vinyl??

well....we are just waiting for the test pressing to get back but all being well.... we will have it when we get back form Germany next month. Grover records will be handling sales in Europe but we will be selling them from our website and at Shows.

Doing any gigs then??

Last week we headed out to France for a short tour..... which was awsome and we cant wait to get back there for the festivals in summer.

Things will start to kick off properly in March and April.

March we are heading over to Germany for another tour to promote the Vinyl

Then we will be hitting a full UK tour in April and releasing the new single.

Check out the tour dates to see where we are going ----> TOUR DATES

Festivals are starting to come in now and propper chuffed to be added to the Boomtown Fair and Rebellion Festival Lineups already. More festival being confirmed each week, but we are looking forward to playing the new tracks at the festivals this summer

Das Talks

By The Talks, Jan 29 2013 02:52PM

Hi Everyone,

Just to let you all know that our New Single 'Friday Night' will be available to download from 4th March 2013. The Video is already done and will be available for you on Youtube very soon.

Following 'Friday Night' we will be releasing the brand new 'West Sinister' EP on the 11th March.

Track listing is as follows:

1. Life in Colour

2. Modern SUB-Urban Life

3. Can Stand The Rain (Ft Neville Staple)

4. Friday Night

5. Politricks

This will also be getting pressed and for sale at live shows.

See you on the Road

Friday Night Cover
Friday Night Cover

By The Talks, Aug 28 2012 02:52PM

First of all can I Say....What an amazing run of festival gigs we've just had. been loving watching the crowd dancing their asses off in a muddy field..

And the main news is that The new EP is almost there.....Its just being re-mixed and we are going to pick up the final mixes tomorrow......Its going to be a 5 Track EP with British Ska, Reggae & Dub Flavassssss....

Also included on the EP is "Can Stand the Rain" Now Featuring the Legend that is Neville Staple (Frontman for The Specials) .

Also we have finally had some new T-Shirts printed....so head over to the store and check em out!!

Me and Pats off to get the mixes now....so better run

Mind how you go

By The Talks, Jan 17 2012 12:46PM

Hello People.

Whats happening in The Talks camp.........

Firstly...we've been asked to appear on Channel 4's Hollyoaks later this month.....Performing 3 songs in the shows Student union. (The show will probably air around March time)

Also Talks tunes have been popping up in the backgroud on some channel 5 programmes..... Which is good news


Also aswell as The Talks boys working hard in the studio recording the new album. (which is sounding ace with the additional members Willis and Hekima now in the mix)

And booking Talks shows for the coming year........Festivals aswell

We also had time to create a bit of a video taster for our "Skinhead Moonstomp" which we have been asked to contribute to The Specialized compilation album which all proceeds go to teenage cancer trust!


Click the Link to see our Video Taster