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A quick update from the back of the tourbus of The Talks

By The Talks, Jun 11 2013 01:17PM

Got a lot of good festivals across Europe coming up including Rebellion, Mighty Sounds, This is Ska festival amonst many others, This summer is gonna be special.

We're also well chuffed at how well the EP has been recieved, and amzing to hear poeple singing the new songs back to us on recent shows. If you want, check out a coulpe of the recent qoutes below.......

Quotes -

They embody the 2 tone sound of the Specials and the punkiness of Rancid. I know it’s early, but this EP is one of my favorites of 2013! - Read Junk

It’s packed with lively upbeat tracks that prove Ska is not only alive and well but also, fresh and relevant. - MRU

(modern sub) 60s keys, slicing guitar, rolling bass line and snapping tight drumming, a cool and clear vocal - Studs and Punks

When it comes to ska, there's no more seminal figure than The Specials singer Neville Staple. He guests on his friend Pat's band The Talks ' new single which melds trad ska with reggae and punk influences, with a socio-political lyrical approach. Can Stand the rain is a belter from hull's finest - Big Cheese Magazine

The Talks rock a blend of old school Jamaica ska infused with Two-Tone sensibilities and a refreshing lack of 3rd wave spaz. - SKa4U

A few of these rude boys, really look like boys but with the song's stuttering chorus, walking bass and propulsive horn line, easily erase any doubts about their maturity - Music Ruined my Life

Much love to all who have backed up, See you in the pit!!! x

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